The Colony – Emma Watson all grown up

Emma’s newest film is an exploration into her dramatic performance away from the Harry Potter series.

The Colony (Colonia) is a drama based thriller which follows the story of a woman’s desperate attempt to find her partner who has been captured by the Chilean Military. This film is based on the true story of a cult ‘Colonia Dignidad’ which would retrieve men, women and children from imprisonment and force them to abide by their rigorous routines and rules.


Emma plays an air-hostess named Lena who takes a short break to visit her boyfriend in Chile only to be caught up in the extreme protests and violence that her partner is attempting to document. After he is captured for trying to show up the militiary’s violence he is tortured and beaten until finally preacher of Colonia Dignidad, Paul Schäfer, rescues him. Meanwhile Lena is joins the camp in order to save him, little does she know how corrupt this small community has become. Months later they are reunited and begin to plan their escape, but can they leave without being killed first?

We highly recommend this thrilling film, it is an extraordinary insight into the hidden cults of Chile.


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