Stranger Things

Netflix’s top newest Sci-fi series has been an overnight sensation and become one of the most watched shows of the year.

Set in the backdrop of a small american town Stranger Things combines the supernatural with murder mystery and a hint of some of the best 80’s music. It’s almost as though E.T has hit the box office again with a group of young friends becoming entwined in the supernatural events of a local experiment.



There’s something for everyone in this new show from teen romance, to gory horror and superpowers, you’re guaranteed a roller coaster of genres.

After there friend goes missing three boys set out to discover what really happened to him, as his mother becomes obsessed with the idea that she can hear and talk to her missing son. What the boys don’t realise is how far this journey will take them, they meet a young girl named Eleven (El) whilst searching for their friend she has unimaginable powers which they hope to use in finding their friend.


El is our protagonist to an extent as she helps us to understand the reasons for the supernatural occurings. As the series progresses you will discover that there is more to El than meets the eye, despite her other worldly attributes she craves friendship and love from her science obsessed father. Her presence drives the story forward and supports the rest of the characters in finding the missing children.

Now that I’ve peaked your interest I think it’s time you go ahead and watch this super awesome show. Keep the feedback coming in, i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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