Equals – In a world where emotion is prohibited, two people forget everything and fall in love 

An extraordinary performance from Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult, Equals is a story of love, lust and true human emotions.

In a world where any physical or emotional interaction is illegal, Silas and Nia learn how love can surpass anything.

Emotion is seen as a disease, more destructive than cancer. Silas begins to notice the world around him, feel things that were beyond what he had been taught. He is diagnosed with SOS (Switched-On Syndrome) and attempts to repress these emotions. Nia has been repressing this for much longer, the two slowly become connected with eye contact and a slight touch of the hand until one night, in a room lit by a cool shade of blue the two begin to explore one another.

“I’ve been watching you, the way you look at the world, the way you experience things, it’s different.” – Silas

The film is set in such a way that it pains you to watch these two so deeply in love be restrained by the laws of their society. Every look, every touch becomes your own, you are these two passionate lovers and you want to escape with them.

Cellos softly play as the two slowly explore each other’s bodies, it is almost sensuous, every touch brings you closer to them. These beautiful instruments play through every scene, from making love to the fear that they may be caught by the authorities.

These two individuals are brought together and ripped apart, as in life we meet new people, fall in love and inevitably are torn apart these raw human emotions are all that we live for. In the midst of this we are forced to be someone we aren’t, we are pressured into conformity and as with this film we aren’t aware of such injustice until it is too late.


This film is a roller coaster of emotions, it feels almost representative, we feel every emotion but don’t allow ourselves to be free. We are tiny pieces in this great universe and we should be living everyday as if it were our first. Politics, religion, laws they all repress who we are as human beings, don’t let them… fall in love, make love, explore the world but most of all just be happy.


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