I Origins – Science and Spirituality

The most thought provoking film of 2014. I origins follows a group of scientists attempting  to prove the evolution of the eye, but instead they make a discovery which could change everything.

“I’d like to tell you the story of the eyes that changed my world.” – Ian Grey

Ian is a scientist who specialises in the evolution of the eye. What he didn’t expect was that one pair of distinct looking eyes would change his whole perception of science and spirituality. The film is quite representative of the differences between fact and fiction, Ian represents the factual ideas in society, he does not believe in anything that can’t be significantly proven, whilst Sofi the girl with the distinct eyes is very much a spiritual person, she sent signs for Ian to find her and told him that one day he would understand everything she believed in.

Sofi Elizondo and Ian Grey

“What would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs?” – Priya Varma

If it were possible for reincarnation to exist then this film is possibly the closest representation of how it would be discovered. After Sofi passes away Ian carries on with his research only to prove that the most basic eye can evolve into one as complex as the human eye. This scientific break through then became a system of identity, everyone’s eye from birth would now be scanned to be recognised as easily as a fingerprint. This system would become the break through Ian wasn’t even looking for.

“Every living person on this planet has their own unique pair eyes. Each their own universe.” – Ian Grey

Many years after his experiment became a success Ian starts looking into eyes with the same identity. He finds a baby to have the same iris patterns as a man who just passed away. They continue to find matching eyes for people who have passed away and infants who were born just after. Ian then discovers a young girl in India who had an iris scan with the exact match of Sofis. It was apparent that this could be a way of proving that people can be reborn, Ian set out to find her and see if there was a chance she could be Sofi.

Is this the reincarnation of Sofi?

This film will have your eyes wide throughout, the possibility of this even being slightly of scientific discovery is a long shot but it really gets you thinking about what would happen if reincarnation could be proven by science. This merge of belief and science would change the course of human history. Maybe they really have figured it out and it would just be too much for the world to handle, who knows. What we do know is it makes for a rather mind blowing concept.

“The eyes and the brain are connected.  If—if the cellular structure in the eye is reoccurring from person to person, then maybe something in the brain carries over as well, like a neurological link.  Maybe the eye really is some kind of window to the soul.” – Karen


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