Fanatical Foreign Films – The best international movies of all time


These days we’re so absorbed in American and British movies that international films often go unnoticed, here is our top 10 must watch international movies:

1. Blue is the Warmest Colour – 

Adele’s life is changed when she meets Emma, a young woman with blue hair, who will allow her to discover desire, to assert herself as a woman and as an adult. In front of others, Adele grows, seeks herself, loses herself and ultimately finds herself through love and loss.tumblr_mv6pfzQkuo1qd9dz2o1_1280.jpg


2. OldBoy (2003) – 

After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days.0774412c70452a4f6eb82d5797ce5da3.jpg

3. Pan’s Labyrinth – 

In the falangist Spain of 1944, the bookish young stepdaughter of a sadistic army officer escapes into an eerie but captivating fantasy world.pans-labyrinth-5441513e75093.jpg

4. La Dolce Vita – 

A series of stories following a week in the life of a philandering paparazzo journalist living in Rome.ladolcevita.jpg

5. Wild Tales – 

Six short stories that explore the extremities of human behavior involving people in distress.eRt2Dow7PxWBr4IbkO29j0tR0da.jpg

6. Amélie –

Amélie is an innocent and naive girl in Paris with her own sense of justice. She decides to help those around her and, along the way, discovers love.amelie-poulain_86691-1600x1200.jpg

7. City of God – 

Two boys growing up in a violent neighbourhood of Rio de janeiro take different paths: one becomes a photographer, the other a drug dealer.340267.jpg

8. Three Colours Trilogy (Red, Blue and White) – 

  • Blue – A woman struggles to find a way to live her life after the death of her husband and child.
  • White – Second of a trilogy of films dealing with contemporary French society shows a Polish immigrant who wants to get even with his former wife.
  • Red – Final entry in a trilogy of films dealing with contemporary French society concerns a model who discovers her neighbour is keen on invading people’s privacy.


8. Io é te – 

An introverted teenager tells his parents he is going on a ski trip, but instead spends his time alone in a basement.Io-e-Te.jpg

10. We Are the Best! – 

Three girls in 1980s Stockholm decide to form a punk band – despite not having any instruments and being told by everyone that punk is dead.WB0047_2-0-2000-0-1125-crop.jpg



All movie description taken from IMDB


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