Spike Island – A Tribute to the Stone Roses



As you may know last week the Stone Roses played their first gig in 4 years at the Etihad stadium in Manchester and as a tribute to those mind-blowing nights we’re taking a look at Spike Island.

Set in 1990 Spike Island is an iconic movie for all you Stone Roses fans out there. Bucket Hats, Dungarees and The Bowl Cut, this films got it all, if you’ve ever been to a Stone Roses gig you’ll know that’s all you’re going to see.  It’s a way of life when it comes to the Stone Roses, you have to live and breathe it. As with our characters everything in their lives revolves around this band and they’ll do absolutely anything to get to this one huge gig at Spike Island. In this film they  keep it true to the style of the Stone Roses, it is a representation of the common fan and how influential this band is on their lives. The band created a whole new culture which still lives on today, the Manchester movement. This movie is fun, loveable and light-hearted, it is so easy to relate to the small-town lives of the characters and their devotion to the band that you almost feel like it’s you. You are Sally, you are dodge and you are getting them damn tickets! spike-island-2012-003-boys-against-posters-1000x750.jpg

The Stone Roses gigs were absolutely awesome last week and we’d like to send all our love out to the band you did amazing and we are so proud to be Manc!





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