Quentin Tarantino – The Legend of Film

Tarantino has directed and performed in some of the most iconic films over the past 20 years. His career sky rocketed when he became part of the film Pulp Fiction (1994), this was the start of a legacy in which Tarantino became best known for creating thrilling and complex films. I couldn’t possibly attempt to put his movies into an order of best and worst as it simply cannot be done, each has so much individuality and flare that it is impossible to put them against each other. Instead I’ll tell you my favourites, why I like them so much and you tell me yours.


Sexy girls, fast cars and Tarantino himself what more could you ask for. How can you not love this film with its strong empowered women embracing their sexuality yet being British_Death_Proof_posterbadass when it comes to the thrills. I was initially rather sceptical of this film no one had ever recommended it and after watching the trailer I was rather concerned Tarantino had lost his mind, not that he hadn’t with the rest of his films. About 20 minutes in the real action started, flicking from a strip tease to Kurt Russell battering a woman against his dashboard. I think that’s the beauty of this movie, there’s so much constant change from the calmness of the girls to the violence he inflicts on them it keeps your heart racing and your eyes wide. I won’t ruin the ending, just in case you haven’t yet watched it, but once again Tarantino finishes on a banger!



JACKIE BROWN2013-03-jackiebrownver8xlg.jpg

The 1997 classic features the one and only Samuel L Jackson as you’ve never seen him before. I’ve watched this film  over and over again, there’s something about the suave nature of the three lead characters and it’s completely unexpected story line that’s got me hooked. Each character has a great representative of so many people we all know, the crook, the slut, the help, the lover we can relate them to so many people in our lives and that’s the beauty of it. It’s your classic scam film but Jackie is the girl who beats them all, Tarantino ensured that she was an empowered woman who wouldn’t let the crooks get the best of her. I find it somewhat inspirational, you shouldn’t be defined by your mistakes and allow people to take advantage of you. Embrace your inner Jackie Brown people.

KILL BILL-font-b-KILL-b-font-font-b-BILL-b-font-VOL-font-b-1-b.jpg

Almost if not just as iconic a film as Pulp Fiction. The fourth film in the Tarantino collection is one of the most thrilling films yet, Uma Thruman in her funky yellow catsuit runs around killing the people who betrayed her.  The whole concept of this film is rather far fetched but we should expect that of Tarantino by now. Why was it so popular you may ask well I believe everyone loves a bit of thrills once in a while and if that’s what you want then Tarantino’s your guy. The film is probably 99.9% blood and death but the story line is carried with it’s unique characters and hard hitting subjects. You feel almost sorry for our lead character and so believe that all of this violence is for a cause. Heck if we were well trained assassins and someone hurt our baby then I’m pretty sure we’d do the same. But we’re not so let’s stick to watching Tarantino films and embracing his wackiness.

All in all I think it’s safe to say Quentin Tarantino is one of the most influential and inspiring filmmakers of the 21st century. His eye for detail and real yet mad story lines is what makes him so good! If you haven’t yet watched these films please do, it’ll change your life. Enjoy and let me know what your favourite Tarantino films are and why!


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